Central VA Celtic Festival & Highland Games - Highland Dance 2018

By Bridget Boswell (other events)

Sat, Oct 27 2018 8:00 AM Sun, Oct 28 2018 6:00 PM

Highland Dance Entry - USSE - 0419
Judge - Diane Krugh

Entries Close Friday,  October 19, 2018 at 6pm 

Registration 30 minutes prior to start.  
Afternoon can register mid day through morning events.

Saturday Order - Start at 10:30
Primary PDB, PDB & Highcuts
Intermediate Laddie(4)
Primary & Pre Premier Fling (4)
Primary & Pre Premier Sword (2+1)
Pre Premier Sean Triubhas (3+1)
Premier Hornpipe (5)
Premier Fling (4)
Premier Strathspey & 1/2 Tull 
Premier Laddie (4)

Sunday Order  - Start 9:00
Group Choreography 
Primary Dances
Premier & Intermediate Jig (4+1)
Premier  Earl of Errol (4) 
Premier Scotch Msr(4)
Intermediate Hornpipe (5)
Premier Flora(4)
Pre Premier Beg + Nov 1/2 Tulloch
Pre Premier Flora (4)
Pre Premier Lilt (4)

Special   Trophies 
Saturday: Premier Dancer of the Day, Beginner Most Promosing Dancer
Sunday: Most Promising Intermediate Hornpipe, Novice Most Promising Flora

Special Scholarships will be awarded

Lunch will be Mid-day      

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1. Dancing competitions will be conducted in accordance with guidelines established by the SOBHD.
2. Medal placing will be awarded in all events except those in which cash prizes are given. Trophies will be awarded based on all dances in an age group, except for primary.
3. Competitors MUST state date of birth (month, day, and year) on entry form. Age is determined as of the day prior to the games.
4. Competition organizers reserve the right to refuse any entry.
5. Please keep in mind the new 3 month rule when entering for this competition. Dancers may not compete if they plan to attend a workshop or class with the judge in the 3 months leading up to this competition.